Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles HEBRON

Product Title: Bible Study Tools - 3D pottery puzzles HEBRON
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HEBRON. Approx: 18 cm (7.5"). Advanced (Ages 8 and up). Item #108. DONKEY SHAPED VESSEL. Iron Age, 800-700 B.C.E. This wheel thrown vessel has a bottle shaped body. The neck is tilted and its lip is pinched in three places thereby forming the animalís head. The jars and legs were separately made and then attached to the animal. Beasts of burden, donkeys, mules, oxen, cows and camels served as means of transport in antiquity. Jars, baskets or sacks were loaded onto the animal. Animal shaped vessels of the late Iron Age 800-700 B.C.E. have been found and excavated in Hebron and its vicinity. * Made and Shipped from the Holy Land * Handmade by a Skilled Potter * High Quality * Best Price Product. This Archaeology antika tolls guide Christians and Jews of all denominations for better understanding of the scriptures and the Bible message being studied,
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